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Best Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash for Blackheads and Acne of 2017

Benzoyl Peroxide

Is acne ruining your life? Have you tried everything to get rid of blackheads and pimples? If so, you’re not alone. This common skin condition affects millions of people worldwide. If left untreated, it may lead to depression, poor self image, and anxiety.

From creams and lotions to diet, there are several ways to reduce breakouts. Benzoyl peroxide is commonly used in the treatment of acne. This ingredient may be combined with sulfur, salicylic acid, adapalene, or erythromycin for maximum effectiveness. Most benzzoyl peroxide acne treatments contain 2.5 percent to 10 percent benzoyl peroxide.

How Does Benzoyl Peroxide Work?

This compound is available under different names depending on brand, such as Zoderm, Triaz, Benzagel, and Benoxyl. It can be used for treating mild to moderate acne. When applied to the skin, it removes dead cells and helps reduce acne-causing bacteria. Before using this product, make sure you’re not allergic to it. Apply a small amount on your arm or face for up to three days in a row. Watch out for any signs of allergy.

Benzoyl peroxide works by killing the bacteria that cause acne. It also reduces the severity of acne lesions. Compared to other similar products, it doesn’t cause antibiotic resistance. It is commonly used in combination with clindamycin or salicylic acid. Dosage depends on how severe your lesions are.

The best benzoyl peroxide face wash formulas boast up to 10 percent concentration. The 2.5 percent concentration is the lowest. According to researchers, this compound is equally effective at concentrations of 2.5, 5, and 10 percent. In general, acne treatments with higher concentrations of benzoyl peroxide have more severe side effects. Concentrations over 10 percent are not approved by the FDA because they may cause skin burns. The 5 percent concentration is commonly used in the best benzoyl peroxide face wash formulas, and has little or no side effects.

Is Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash Right for You?

Benzoyl peroxide comes in different forms, such as facial creams, lotions, and cleaners. These products kill bacteria and prevent it from spreading and causing further damage to your skin. Choosing the best benzoyl peroxide face wash depends entirely on your needs. If you have mild acne, a product with 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide will do the trick. For moderate and severe acne, use a face wash formula with at least 3.5 percent concentration.

The best benzoyl peroxide face wash formulas should be applied up to three times a day. Cleanse your skin with water, apply the lotion, and massage the affected area for one or two minutes. Rinse well and reapply the face wash later. It is possible to experience dryness of the skin in the first few days. For this reason, it’s recommended to start with one application daily. Use sunscreen every time you go outside to prevent irritation. If you have sensitive skin, choose an oil-free benzoyl peroxide face wash. Most users experience noticeable results within one week of treatment. The key is to maintain good skin hygiene and apply the face wash daily.

Which is the Best Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash?

Humane Benzoyl Peroxide



Humane’s 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash is our top pick and a wealth of positive customer reviews support this decision. At 10% benzoyl peroxide concentration, this product has strong acne bactericide properties. Most users report that it offers fast, effective action against acne and blackheads, and helped to improve their general complexion within 1-2 weeks.

The cleansing component of this face wash is coconut oil based. Coconut oil is renowned as a great all rounder in the health and skin care markets due to high concentrations of fatty acids (the good kind) and anti-oxidants. Coconut oil has been shown to be particuarly good for the skin due to its hydrating properties (click here for more information on the benefits of coconut oil for blackheads and acne).

Humane’s Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash is proudly free from animal testing and harmful chemicals, and is manafactured in an FDA approved facility in the US. The product comes in a generous 8oz bottle, enough for around 1-2 months of use. Along with the described quality and safety measures, we feel that this larger bottle size more than justifies their comparatively high price tag. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for!


Key Ingredients

  • Benzoyl Peroxide (10%)
  • Coconut oil


  • High success rate
  • Cruelty free
  • FDA registered manafacturing and GMP Compliant


  • High concentration BP may damage sensitive skin
  • Comparatively high price-tag


Topix Benzoyl Peroxide



This 10% Benzyol Peroxide Face Wash by Topix is a great inexpensive option and contains many of the benefits of more advanced treatments. With a strong 10% concentration, this facial wash is effective at eliminating acne causing bacteria. However, it lacks a secondary/synergistic ingredient to improve general complexion and combat the side effects of Benzoyl Peroxide (such as irritation and redness). We therefore only recommend this product for people with oily and non-sensitive skin.

Topix’s Face Wash is soap free. This is beneficial as comedogenic soaps may exaserbate symptoms of acne and blackheads. A downside of this product is that it does contain strong preservative chemicals which some users report causes irratation and may bleach clothes if it comes into contain with them.

The product comes in a large 8oz bottle, enough for 1-2 months for use. Further testimony to the affordability of this face wash.

Key Ingredients

  • Benzoyl Peroxide (10%)


  • Affordable
  • Effective at improving acne symptoms


  • May cause irritation
  • May bleath clothes


Harris Pharma 5% Benzoyl Perox Wash



The Harris Pharma Benzyol Peroxide Facial Wash another fantastic option, as what differs with this product is the benzoyl peroxide concentration. At just 5%, this is a much gentler cleanser, providing an option to acne and blackhead sufferers who have more sensitive skin.

Another benefit of this cleanser is that it comes in a combo pack, providing you with extra savings when you purchase the full 16oz package.

Key Ingredients

  • Benzoyl peroxide (5%)


  • Lower concentration for acne sufferes with sensitive skin
  • Affordable


  • May not be strong enough for some
  • Lacks additional complexion enhancing ingredients

Best Glycolic Acid Peel for Blackheads and Acne – 2017

Glycolic Acid Peel

Acne can affect every aspect of your life, from your career and personal relationships to your mental health. This common ailment causes chronic inflammation of the skin in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, pimples, and nodules. About 85 percent of people ages 12 to 24 are struggling with these problems.

The best glycolic acid peel can get you rid of acne and prevent breakouts. Its effectiveness varies from one brand to another, and individual to individual. This type of acne treatment is widely prescribed by dermatologists worldwide.

How Does Glycolic Acid Work?

Glycolic acid is one of the five Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). This compound has strong exfoliating properties and can be safely used on most skin types. It’s actually considered the safest form of alpha hydroxy acids. Basically, it dissolves the “cement” between skin cells, removes debris, and leaves your skin clean and smooth.

The best glycolic acid peel will penetrate the deepest layers of your skin and increase collagen production. It also boosts elastin levels, which helps minimize wrinkles and fine lines. Due to its high acidity, it exfoliates dead skin cells and keeps your pores from clogging.

Most acne treatments have at three percent concentration of glycolic acid. Since this compound is derived from sugar cane, it belongs to the same category as citric acid. It is commonly used for reducing acne and inflammation as well as for its anti-aging effects. The best glycolic acid peel can prevent acne breakouts, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and provide younger looking skin.

The Surprising Benefits of Glycolic Acid

Not all products containing glycolic acid are effective against acne. How well they work depends on the concentration of glycolic acid as well as on the severity of your symptoms. Professional peels boast concentrations of 20 percent to 70 percent. If you’re planning to use glycolic acid ever other day, look for products with a lower percentage, such as 12 percent. This way, you’ll prevent skin redness, inflammation, and other side effects.

A daily exfoliator is the best choice for most types of acne and blackheads. It’s recommended to gradually increase application frequency and monitor how your skin reacts. If there is no redness or tingling, apply the product daily. The best glycolic acid peel should be safe for most people.

This form of treatment has a gentle action and can be used on sun-damage, blemished, or aging skin. If you use the best glycolic acid peel, there should be no side effects. The most powerful formulas out there almost seem to dissolve blackheads instantly. These products stimulate cell repair and support the formation of new skin cells. At the same time, they remove dirt and debris, which are often the primary cause of blackheads.

The best glycolic acid peel can reduce the occurrence of acne and slow down aging. It will also keep sebum, oil, and dirt from clogging your pores. In just a few days, your skin will look younger and more flexible. Some products may also even out skin tone, reduce excess sebum, and leave your skin radiant. Ideally, choose a formula that contains no sulfates, phthalates, or fragrances.

It should also be noted that glycolic acid peels may make the skin temporarily more susceptible to sun damage. Ensure that you use sunscreen if you are going out on a bright day after using this treatment.

Which is the Best Glycolic Acid Peel Product?


Perfect Image Glycolic Acid Peel


PERFECT IMAGE’s glycolic acid peel is our pick for the top glycolic acid peel for acne and blackheads. It’s unique formula combines a powerful concentration of refine glycolic acid with a range of skin tone balancing and skin soothing extracts. These additional ingredients are essential for couteracting the side-effects of high concentration glycolic acid on the skin. The result is a product which usually causes little to no irritation in people with normal-oily skin types, which providing maximum anti-acne benefits.

Another reason to love this product is its responsible design and manafacture procecss. Perfect Image guarantees this product uses no animal cruelty, is FDA registered and GMP compliant manafacturing, uses recycled and sustainable material use, contains no Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, and is glutan free. These are all signs of a company that cares about their product and customers, which is reflected in the wealth of great reviews at

Key Ingredients

  • Glycolic acid 50%
  • Retinol (Vitamin A) – improves skin tone
  • Green Tea – antioxidant and anti -inflammatory
  • Chamomile Extracts – antioxidant and anti – inflammatory
  • Cucumber extract – antioxidant


  • Cruelty free
  • Uses sustainable and recycled materials
  • FDA registered manafacturing and GMP Compliant


  • Requires careful application due to high concentration GA.
  • Sensitive skin may result in redness/irratation


Glycolic Acid Peel by SR


The Glycolic Acid Peel by SR is a simple but effective option for anyone looking for glycolic acid without all the bells and whistles. Naturally, this simplified product is great value for money, but may only be suitable for people with normal to oily skin types. Without the use of supplementary anti-inflammatories this product may cause redness and irritation as it contains a relatively high concentration of glycolic acid.

We recommend you follow the instructions carefully with the product and be patient when expecting results. Aggressive application may cause unwanted side-effects.

Key Ingredients

  • Glycolic acid 30%


  • Simple but effective
  • Good value


  • Doesn’t contain anti-inflammatories
  • Some users report redness after use


GLYCO-A Glycolic Acid Skin Peel by ISIS PHARMA


GLYCO-A by ISIS PHARMA is a relatively inexpensive option for anyone looking for a lower dosage glycolic acid peel. Though not as prolofic as some other brands, ISIS PHARMA is a trusted and respected company with a focus on quality and user satisfaction.

This product is particularly appealing for users with combination and non-oily skin types due to the lower concentration of glycolic acid. That said, this product should not be used by people with sensitive skin as it will cause irritation.

Key Ingredients

  • Glycolic acid (12%)


  • Simple but well balanced formula
  • The lower concentration of glycolic acid is less harmful to skin


  • Doesn’t contain anti-inflammatories
  • May take several applications to see significant results

Do Pore Strips Really Work? – 2017

Do Pore Strips Really Work?Dealing with blackheads? Want to have flawless skin? Then it’s time to make some changes to your beauty routine. Blackheads are caused by a variety of factors, such as excess sebum production, acne, poor hygiene, and genetics. Washing or scrubbing the skin too much can make things worse.

The good is that you can get rid of blackheads at home. Good nutrition and an adequate skin care routine will do wonders for your complexion. You may also use pore strips to prevent and treat this condition. Let’s see how these products work and what makes them effective!

What Are Pore Strips?

Pore strips have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. These cosmetic products unclog your pores and remove built-up dirt and oil from the skin. All you have to do is apply them on the affected area, wait about 15 minutes, and then peel them away. Most brands are hypoallergenic and can be used on all skin types. Some can only be applied on the nose or other specific areas.

These products work like a band-aid. Basically, they remove toxins, debris, and dead skin cells from your pores. You can buy them from most drug stores, skin care retailers, and supermarkets. Some people even make their pore strips at home. When you pull off the strip, you’ll notice tiny hairs stuck to it. However, what you’re seeing are not hairs, but dirt and excess oil.

The ingredients used in pore strips vary from one brand to another. In general, these products contain water, silica, glycerin, essential oils, butylene glycol, titanium dioxide, charcoal powder, menthol, and iron oxides. Some are made with all natural ingredients. Most brands are dermatologically tested and can be used on sensitive skin.

Do Pore Strips Really Eliminate Blackheads?

According to health experts, pore strips are not as effective as they claim to be. These products do nothing to actually reduce and keep blackheads from recurring. However, they help remove dirt and toxin buildup from your skin, which may prevent breakouts and make your pores look smaller. Their effectiveness depends on how you use them.

To fully reap the benefits of pore strips, cleanse your skin before using them. Use a tonic lotion or an exfoliating mask to cleanse your face. Eventually, you can steam your pores open for a few minutes in order to make the strips work more effectively. After removing the strips, apply a moisturizing lotion or a serum to hydrate your skin.

Be aware that not all brands are created equal. The pore strips available in stores may contain chemicals that irritate the skin. If you have eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, or other skin disorders, it’s better to avoid these products. Make your own pore strips using all natural ingredients, such as tea tree oil, unflavored gelatin, milk, egg whites, lemon and honey, brown sugar, or ground coffee. Maintain a regular skin care routine and choose quality products that match your complexion. If you haven’t used pore strips before, give them a try. They are ideal for when you’re in a hurry and want to look great.

Click here to see our picks for the best pore strip brands

Salicylic Acid vs. Benzoyl Peroxide: Which Is Best for Blackheads? – 2017

Salicylic Acid vs. Benzoyl PeroxideBlackheads are a common skin condition that affects millions of people. They can appear suddenly overnight and affect your complexion. In general, the nose and chin are prone to blackheads. Also known as open comedones, these unsightly spots occur as a result of bacterial growth. They are often mistaken for dirt. If left untreated, blackheads can spread and form pustules or papules.

Fortunately, these small black bumps can be successfully prevented and treated. Proper skin care is essential. Most products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide may help reduce blackheads. Almost any acne treatment is going to have one or the other. These two ingredients share many similarities, but work differently. Choosing one depends on your skin type and individual needs.

What Are Blackheads?

Before buying a new skin treatment, make sure you understand what blackheads are. These bumps occur in the first stage of the acne formation process. A comedo is a non-inflamed acne lesion that reaches the surface of your skin and opens up. If it stays beneath the skin, it causes whiteheads. When exposed to air, the sebum changes its color to black or dark brown. Some blackheads are dark in color because the thinner lining of the hair follicles produce pigmentation.

Blackheads affect both men and women, regardless of their age or skin type. They usually develop during the teenage years and stay a long time beneath the skin. Some people are more prone to this condition than others. Scratching, picking, or pressing of these lesions may cause scarring and infections.

Although there is no permanent cure for blackheads, you can prevent them by using quality acne products and taking good care of your skin. Simple lifestyle changes, such as avoiding heavy creams, keeping the skin free of bacteria through proper cleaning, and removing your makeup at bedtime, can reduce the formation of blackheads. Ideally, use non-comedogenic skin care products and mild soaps.

Is Salicylic Acid Effective for Blackheads?

Salicylic acid is one of the most commonly used ingredients in acne treatments. It can be a life saver for people plagued by blackheads. Classified as a BHA (beta hydroxy acid), it removes dead skin cells and fights inflammation. This compound is derived from aspirin and helps reduce large inflamed spots. It’s ideal for sensitive and oily skin.

Most OTC acne treatments contain 0.05 to 2 percent salicylic acid. Compared to other ingredients, this compound is gentler and can be used on highly sensitive skin. When used regularly, it unclogs pores and helps reduce the abnormal shedding of cells. The only downside is that it doesn’t stop bacterial growth, which is one of the primary causes of blackheads. Some experts claim that prolonged use of salicylic acid can damage skin cells. Others are saying that the amount of salicylic acid in acne treatments is too small to cause serious problems.

We recommend Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid Exfoliant as the formula contains a balanced 2% salicylic acid and the brand is well trusted.

How Good Is Benzoyl Peroxide for Blackheads?

Another ingredient found in acne treatments is benzoyl peroxide. This substance is more powerful than salicylic acid and fights all types of acne, from whiteheads and blackheads to cysts. It also has the ability to kill bacteria and penetrate the deep layers of the skin.

Compared to salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide produces faster results. Most users report improvements in skin appearance within seven to 10 days. This ingredient exfoliates dead skin cells and helps reduce excess sebum. It also destroys P. acnes, the bacteria responsible for acne. Most skin treatment contain up to 10 percent benzoyl peroxide.

Despite its efficiency, this compound can dry your skin and make acne worse in some people. If you have sensitive skin, think twice before using benzoyl peroxide. To reduce its side effects, you should only apply it on the affected areas. Be aware that this ingredient can bleach fabrics and clothing on contact.

We recommend’s tried and tested benzoyl peroxide treatment as this product is quality tested and contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, which is optimal for blackheads and acne. Click here to buy at

Which One Is Right for You?

Salicylic acid works by removing dead skin cells and excess oil. Benzoyl peroxide does the same, but it also kills bacteria. Both products have pros and cons. When choosing one, consider your skin type and severity of acne or blackheads.

In general, benzoyl peroxide is effective for pus filled pimples and large cysts, but may cause severe irritation and dryness of the skin. It’s not the best choice for adult acne. Additionally, the increased dryness can increase the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Some people also develop flaking and redness.

Salicylic acid is safer, but less effective for severe acne compared to benzoyl peroxide. Over time, it can make your skin dry due to its exfoliating effects. This ingredient works best for treating blackheads.

The only thing you can do is to try both products and see how your skin reacts. It’s recommended to first use an acne treatment based on salicylic acid. Unless you have severe acne, it should do the trick. If blackheads persist, switch to benzoyl peroxide.

Alternatively, some products, such as the Exposed Skin Care Treatment contain both products within one formula, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds.

Coconut Oil for Blackheads and Acne – 2017

Coconut oil for blackheads and acneHave trouble getting rid of blackheads using natural products? Then you might want to try coconut oil. This all natural remedy has been used since ancient times for its healing properties. It’s safe, effective, and inexpensive. Not only is coconut oil good for blackheads, but also leaves your skin smooth and delays aging. In just a few days, your skin will look younger, clearer, and refreshed.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Packed with fatty acids and antioxidants, coconut oil is considered a superfood. This natural cure can be ingested, applied on the skin and hair, or used in homemade beauty products. You can even mix it with protein powder and smoothies for quick energy. Some people add coconut oil to their daily coffee to speed up weight loss and curb hunger. Some make their own remedies such as toothpaste, moisturizing creams, and lotion bars using this ingredient. Others apply it on the skin to prevent and reduce stretch marks.

This healthy oil can be used in a multitude of ways. Its unique combination of fatty acids clears acne, improves skin’s elasticity, and makes your hair shine. When ingested, it can have therapeutic effects on brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. Research also indicates that coconut oil supports cardiovascular health, lowers bad cholesterol levels, and reduces heart disease risk. On top of that, it enhances your body’s ability to burn fat and accelerates metabolism.

Why Coconut Oil Is Good for Your Skin

Coconut oil is widely used in beauty and skin care products. The best acne treatments and moisturizers out there contain this ingredient. Studies have found that coconut oil hydrates the skin, prevents dryness, and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also delays the aging process and makes your skin flexible. In short, coconut oil is great for blackheads and acne.

This natural cure is rich in capric acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid, three medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that support optimal health. Unlike the long-chain fatty acids found in vegetable oils, these healthy fats are easier to digest and have anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Due to their small size, they are quickly absolved into your body and allow easier cell permeability.

Lauric acid

Lauric acid, one of the key ingredients in coconut oil, is a powerful antimicrobial agent that can kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Acne and blackheads are often caused by pathogens, which explains why coconut oil helps prevent and cure these problems. It also fights skin infections, eczema, inflammation, and candida overgrowth. These are some of the most common underlying causes of acne. Coconut oil contains 40 percent to 59 percent lauric acid, making it the richest source naturally available.

Capric acid

Another active ingredient in coconut oil is capric acid, which boasts antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. This fatty acid is absorbed easily through your skin and increases hydration without leaving it feeling greasy. Along with lauric acid, it’s responsible for the health benefits of coconut oil.

According to health experts, capric acid protects the skin from infections and toxins, kills viruses and bacteria, and reduces the amount of moisture lost through the skin. It’s also an excellent emollient and can accelerate wound healing. In general, this ingredient is used in face creams to enhance their beneficial properties and thin them out to the desired thickness.


Coconut oil is also one of the best natural sources of antioxidants. When consumed or applied on the skin, it fights free radical damage and reduces the harmful effects of UV rays. This remedy ensures proper functioning of the sebum glands, which helps prevent and clear blackheads. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, coconut oil reduces inflammation from acne and promotes cell repair. When used externally, it creates a protective barrier that guards your skin from harmful effects of the environment. All these factors combined help reduce acne and prevent breakouts. We highly recommend using coconut oil for blackheads and acne as not only will it clear your skin, but it will also improve your general health.

Coconut Oil Brands You Can Trust

There are thousands of coconut oil brands on the market, but their quality varies from one manufacturer to another. For optimal results, choose one that is organic, raw, cold pressed, and unrefined. The label should mention organizations like the Organic Food Federation, Kosher Certification, the Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance, or The Vegan Society. Here are two brands you can trust:

Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

The Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Viva Labs has a low price tag and meets the highest quality standards. It’s unrefined, cold pressed, extra virgin, kosher, and USDA certified organic. Unlike other similar products, it has no gluten, trans fats, bleach, or pesticides. It can be used for cookies as well as a hair mask, body moisturizer, and skin care treatment.

Vitacost Extra Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil

Another great product is the Vitacost Extra Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil. Made from certified organic coconuts, it’s an excellent source of fatty acids and promotes overall health. This product is tested fir heavy metals and contaminants, and manufactured in a NSF Certified facility. Due to its high purity, it can be safely applied on the skin to clear acne, blackheads, eczema, and other disorders. Even though this brand is slightly more expensive, you’ll get the best value for your money.

Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment Review – 2017

Exposed Acne Treatment Expanded Kit

Our score: 5 Stars

Key Features

  • Options of different sized kits
  • Money back guarantee
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • 98% reported clearer skin
  • Approved by health professionals
  • Contains proven anti-acne ingredients such as salicylic acid


  • Effective (or money back)
  • Fast acting
  • Fine for sensitive skin
  • Excellent value


  • Application of treatment kits may be time consuming

Introduction to the Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment

Are you still searching for that product or treatment that will give you back your normal, healthy skin? We have read countless reviews of different skin care treatments from all over the web, and found one product-line that gets constant praise. You probably haven’t heard of this product, as the company don’t run adverts or spend money on marketing. They have relied on word of mouth and positive reviews to skyrocket them to success.

So who are they?

They are Exposed Skin Care and their product range is called the Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment Kit. In this article we will guide you through what makes this treatment the best acne and blackhead skin care product on the market today. We will explore who the product line is designed for, what the products contains, the key ingredients within each product, which treatment plan is best for you, and then give our verdict as to whether the Exposed Skin Care treatment is deserves its reputation.

What is the Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment Kit?

The Exposed Skin Care Treatment is a skin product kit, designed to treat moderate to severe cases of blackheads and acne. It achieves this through a 60 day treatment program, which uses a variety of blackhead and acne treatment techniques and is suitable for all skin types. Users find this treatment simple and effective with 98% reporting clearer skin and 96% seeing improved skin tone.

The Exposed Skin Care system is widely regarded as the best acne and blackhead treatment on the market today. This is due to a unique composition of both naturally occurring ingredients and clinically tested compounds. The product formulation has been approved by the top dermatologists and has a long list of glowing reviews from both experts and happy customers.

Exposed Skin Care Introduction Video

Click here to visit the Exposed Skin Care website for more reviews and special offers.

Exposed Skin Care: Who is it for?

The Exposed Skin Care Treatment Kit is for anyone who is experiencing whiteheads, blackheads, pimples or uneven skin tone, as this treatment directly targets the common skin condition which underlies these symptoms. The product formulation contains a range of natural anti-inflammatory elements and is therefore suitable for sensitive skin.

If you are currently only suffering from blackheads, you may be thinking that this kind of advanced treatment is unnecessary for your condition. However, you must remember that blackheads are just one symptom of a more serious underlying problem, which commonly results in acne, blemishes, irritation and scarring. Many people are surprised by the massive difference effective facial cleansing makes to their general skin health and subsequently feel greater confidence in their day to day lives.

Exposed Skin Care: What’s in it?

The Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment Kit contains several products which work in harmony to create healthier skin. A combination of different product types is essential for acne and blackhead removal, as the approach of each product targets a different aspect of the underlying skin condition. Therefore, it is important for you to know how each of these products contributes towards clearing your skin of blackheads and acne.

Facial Cleanser

exposed facial cleanserThe Exposed facial cleanser is used to remove dirt, bacteria and oils from the face in order to prepare for deeper cleaning. The key cleansing compounds in this product are salicylic acid and glycolic acid, which are well known for their anti-bacterial properties and also work to improve skin cell turn-over. This cleanser also contains olive leaf extract, which was originally used as a natural remedy for skin conditions, but has now been clinically proven to have anti-bacterial properties. A combination of different bacteria fighting ingredients is key to the success of this cleanser.

Many facial cleaners tend to irritate the skin and cause dryness after use. In order to combat this, the Exposed facial cleanser uses sage extract to reduce inflammation and tighten pores, along with Pro Vitamin B5 which enriches the skin and prevents dryness.

Clearing Tonic

exposed clearing tonicClearing tonic is essential for effective blackhead and whitehead control.  It penetrates the pores to remove impurities and works to balance the pH of your skin, returning its natural healthy balance.

Acne and blackheads begin when sebum blocks your pores, preventing the natural flow of skin oils through the pore. This allows bacteria to accumulate and multiply. Clearing tonic dissolves the sebum and removes any bacteria which may be lurking inside the pores.

The two active ingredients are salicylic acid and green tea extract, which both have anti-bacterial properties and are extremely effective for removing bacteria from deep within the pores.

The tonic also contains passion flower extract and sage, which both have natural anti-inflammatory properties and are key for preventing redness and irritation.

Acne Treatment Serum

acne treatment serumThe Exposed acne treatment serum is a vital component of the Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment Kit. The key ingredient of this product is benzoyl peroxide, which is a highly effective bactericidal compound. Bactericidal means that it kills bacteria, unlike “anti-bacterial” compounds which may only slow their growth. Therefore, this product is vital for getting rid of acne and blackhead for good.

It is important, however, that this product works in combination with the rest of the Exposed Skin Care Treatment Kit, as benzoyl peroxide may not be as effective at penetrating the pores. Benzoyl peroxide may also be used alongside antibiotic treatments and has been shown to improve the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Clear Pore Serum

cexposed clear pore serumThe clear pore serum an element of the Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment Kit which is designed to be left on overnight. The product is full of anti-oxidants and natural extracts, which have rejuvenating effects upon skin tone and help generate a healthy and balanced complexion.

This serum also contains salicylic acid and green tea in order to exfoliate the skin, and prevent sebum build-up overnight. It is very common that people wake up in the morning with a face full of pimples and blackheads. This may be due to increased oil production, reduced skin oil circulation and hair oils coming in contact with the skin while sleeping. Therefore, it is essential to keep your skin clean overnight.

Derm-X Exfoliating Cloth

derm x clothThe Exposed Derm-X Exfoliating Cloth is no ordinary face cloth. This cloth has a specially designed microdermabrasion texture, which makes it ideal for exfoliating the skin while drying. This cloth works in combination with the other products in the Exposed Skin Care range, as it removes any dead skin cells, dirt, or blackhead residue which may be left behind after cleansing. Exfoliation with this cloth also helps with removing superficial acne scars.

Moisture Complex

exposed moisture complexThe moisture complex is a moisturizing gel which prevents dryness and irritation. This product is used to replace any lost skin oils with nourishing natural elements such as caffeine, green tea, pumpkin extract and lemon extract. If you wear make up, then this product is great to use as pre-make-up base, in order to prevent sebum build up.

We particularly recommend this product if you suffer from sensitive skin or have a dry skin type. Preventing irritation is essential, as inflammation may trigger sebum production in the skin and can lead to more acne and blackheads. Many anti-acne products cause skin irritation when first used, however Exposed Skin Care customer reviews say that this product in effective at preventing these side effects.

Basic Exposed Skin Care Treatment Kit

Exposed Acne Treatment Basic Kit These 5 items make up the Basic Exposed Skin Care Treatment Kit

  • Facial Cleanser: Detoxifies skin and removes excessive oil.
  • Clearing Tonic: Washes away dirt and impurities.
  • Acne Treatment Serum: Destroys bacteria and improves skin cell turnover, preventing your symptoms from coming back.
  • Pore Clearing Serum: Cleans out pores.
  • Free Derm-X Cloth: Remove dead skin cells through microdermabrasion.


The official Exposed Skin Care website is the cheapest place to buy the basic kit: $59.95 + save extra with the following promocodes: SummerFreeShip for free shipping or matr5off for 5% off.

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Expanded Exposed Acne Treatment Kit

Exposed Acne Treatment Expanded KitIn addition to the items in the basic kit, the expanded version contains the following item;

  • Moisture Complex: A special gel that locks the necessary moisture in your skin. Helps keep your skin tone balanced and fights inflammation.




The official Exposed Skin Care website is the cheapest place to buy the expanded kit: $59.95 + save extra with the following promocodes: SummerFreeShip for free shipping or matr5off for 5% off.

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Ultimate Exposed Acne Treatment Kit

Exposed Acne Treatment Advanced Kit

In addition to the items in the expanded kit, the ultimate version has the below mentioned items (we suggest you visit the Exposed website for more information on these items);

  • Microderm Scrub: Clears away dead skin cells.
  • Clarifying Mask: Absorbs impurities in the skin and reduces the levels of sebum in your pores.
  • Probiotic Complex: A supplement which helps your body fight bacteria from the inside out.

The official Exposed Skin Care website is the cheapest place to buy the expanded kit: $94.95 + save extra with the following promocodes: SummerFreeShip for free shipping or matr5off for 5% off.

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Exposed Skin Care Verdict:

Exposed Acne Treatment Kit is a fantastic option for anyone suffering from blackheads, acne or other related symptoms. The ingredients are effective and the formulation is finely tuned. Given the variety of treatments available in this kit, it truly is fantastic value for money. Exposed are so confident in their product, that they offer a 1 year money back guarantee making it risk free. If you are suffering from acne or blackheads and a simple skin care routine is not enough, then we highly recommend that you try this product. But don’t just take our word for it, look below to find Exposed Skin Care reviews from real customers.

Key Ingredient List:

AHA and BHA Complex

AHA and BHA are very common anti blackhead and acne compounds which are often known as glycolic acid (AHA) and salicylic acid (BHA). They work by improving the cell turnover in the skin and unclogging pores. This results in healthier and fresher skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an ingredient found in many skin care products, due to its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. This will reduce any redness or swelling caused by the anti-acne and blackhead components of the formula.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide has strong anti-bacterial properties and is the main component for fighting the bacteria (P. acnes) which are at the root of acne and blackhead formation.

Azelaic Acid

This compound is another anti-inflammatory which has also been proven to reduce the appearance of acne all on its own.

Green Tea

Green Tea extract is another common component of acne and blackhead treatments. This naturally occurring product not only has excellent anti-bacterial properties, but also works to reduce the appearance of acne scars and lesions.

Passion Flower Extract

This organic ingredient has been proven to work as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Licorice Root Extract

This component has several functions in the exposed formula. It improves skin tone by lightening the skin and it is both an anti-inflammatory and an anti-irritant.


Sulfur assists in the long-term reduction in acne and blackhead symptoms, reducing your chance of future out-breaks.

Sage Extract

Sage extract is an astringent which helps to tighten the pores, reducing their appearance. This is important for people with oily skin who want to achieve a smooth skin tone.

Best Microdermabrasion Device for Acne Scars of 2017

Woman having microdermabrasionMicrodermabrasion is a common skincare treatment given at spas for the purpose of removing dead surface skin and revealing the smooth new skin beneath. This treatment is often used to prepare the skin for further treatments such as clay masks, however it also provides profound skin rejuvenating results in its own right.  Think of it as a really in depth exfoliation treatment and gentle chemical peel all in one.

Microdermabrasion was developed to treat acne scars, chicken pox scars and other superficial scarring, but is commonly used for the treatment of dull skin, brown spots and age spots in older women. Though not effective for the treatment of deep scars, microdermabrasion is one of the most high success treatments for reducing the appearance of superficial scarring such as acne scars.

This treatment would once have costed you in excess of $80 per treatment at the spa. However, in 2017, a personal, portable microdermabrasion machine can be used at home for less than $200 lifetime.

How Does Microdermabrasion Work?

There are two types of microdermabrasion machines, crystal devices and diamond tipped devices. Both work in a similar way to a vacuum cleaner, pulling up dead skin from the face and body. However, they differ in their method of dislodging the dead skin.

Crystal microdermabrasion devices pull microscopic exfoliating crystals across the skin. They then suck up both the dead skin and crystals into a waste area to be disposed of later. These crystals have anti-bacterial properties which make them ideal not only for acne scars, but also for the treatment of active adult acne and blackheads. These crystals are cheap to buy and are not absorbed by the skin. An advantage of crystal based devices are that they are better at dealing with uneven skin surfaces, making them ideal for reducing the appearance uneven acne scarring.

Diamond tipped microdermabrasion uses a diamond tipped abrasive implement to actively scratch away the dead skin before sucking it up. This device relies far more heavily on the skill of the operator, so make sure that before using this type of device you read the instructions carefully.

When Shouldn’t You Use Microdermabrasion?

Though microdermabrasion is a highly safe and thoroughly tested treatment it is not a fix-all for every skin condition, nor can it be used on every skin type. If you fall into any of the following categories, do not use microdermabrasion on these areas of your skin.

  • If you are dark skinner then avoid microdermabrasion all together, as it may cause scarring or discoloration.
  • Do not use on moles.
  • Do not use on pigmented birthmarks.
  • Do not use on scars caused by burns.
  • Do not use on stretch marks (it is not effective).
  • Do not use on deep scars such as those caused by an accident.

Best Portable Microdermabrasion Device for Acne Scars and Adult Acne

Here we will provide you with a couple of reviews about what we think are the best personal microdermabrasion devices on the market today for the treatment of acne scars, active adult acne and blackheads.

PMD Personal Microderm System

The Personal Microderm System by PMD is one of the best portable microdermabrasion devices for replicating salon quality treatments at home. It utilizes the same aluminum oxide crystals used by professional microdermabrasion machines, which have fantastic anti-bacterial properties and are perfect for acne and blackhead prevention. This device incorporates a unique, patented spinning disc design, which is optimized for gentle and painless treatments.

The luxury of this product is its ease of use. The device fits perfectly into the user’s hand, allowing for total care and precision. This simplicity will allow you to use the device with confidence, giving you maximum results.

The device comes with several different discs, allowing you to personalize your treatment: 1 White (Training/ Ultra Sensitive), 2 Grey (Very Sensitive), 2 Blue (Sensitive), and 2 Green (Moderate). We recommend that you start out using the training setting and when you progress to treating your acne scars, use the 2 Grey (Very Sensitive) setting. However, you will need to experiment and find out what works best for your skin type. The rougher your skin, the more vigorous your treatment will need to be.

One of the reasons that this device is so good at treating acne is due to its unique disc design which improves your overall skin health by promoting collagen production, unclogging pores and improving skin circulation. It is like your skin taking a breath of fresh air after being locked away in a damp room.

It is important that you watch and follow the instructional DVD which comes with this product to ensure that you use it correctly. Some users report that they were too quick to use the device and made mistakes, causing their skin to become red and inflamed.


The Personal Microderm System by PMD is an excellent choice for those who want to get salon quality microdermabrasion treatments at home. Unfortunately, this device is not battery operated so its portability is limited, however it makes a great addition to any home personal beauty parlor. This product is highly recommended for the treatment of superficial acne scars, however, it wont be able to remove the appearance of deep acne scars or “pits”. Overall, we think this is the best crystal based microdermabrasion device for acne scars and is a fantastic quality product.

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RejuvadermMD – At Home Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

Unlike the previous review, the At Home Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Device by RejuvadermMD uses a diamond tip for abrasion instead of crystals. This device is an extremely powerful precision tool for creating a radiant skin tone, reducing pigmentation, reducing the size of pores and keeping skin looking young and healthy.

Many inexperienced microdermabrasion device users do not go for diamond tipped models as they are often more difficult to use. This model however is very light weight, fits in the hand perfectly and has a variety of different settings, allowing you to practice with the device without harming your skin.

Customer reviews of this product all report that it is superb at reducing the appearance of acne scars within a much shorter time frame than crystal based microdermabrasion devices. Crystal devices tend to take around 3 uses before real effects can be seen, however with this product, users report less visible scars and clearer skin tone in just 1-2 uses.

This product is initially more expensive than the crystal microdermabrasion device, however you will save money long term because you will not need to buy any crystals and the device will require little maintenance. Though the diamond tip is replaceable, it will take a lot of uses before you manage to blunt diamond.


As with the crystal based microdermabrasion treatment, it is essential that you thoroughly read the instructions before using this product, as if used incorrectly, it can cause redness and inflammation. However, once you have gotten to grips with the At Home Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Device by RejuvadermMD it is a truly powerful tool for reducing the appearance of your acne scars and generally achieving a clearer and more youthful skin tone.

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DermaWand Reviews 2017 – Does the Derma Wand Work?

Many women dream of having tighter and clearer skin which is free from unsightly wrinkles and blemishes. Skincare product companies are aware of this and try to create skincare products and devices to fulfill this need. However, the question is, do these products really work using proven technology, or are they simply a money spinning fad?

In this DermaWand review article we will explore the device which many of us have seen in television adverts, or read about on the internet. This product claims to use high frequency electric pulses to stimulate the skin and encourage skin rejuvenation. High frequency electric pulse therapy has been used in dermatological clinics for many years now and the technology has been proven to work through a variety of studies, however the question remains: does DermaWand work?

DermaWand: How does it work?

A high frequency facial machine uses a glass electrode which has been vacuum sealed with neon gas to deliver high frequency alternating current to the skin. A mixture of both thermal and electric energy is transferred to the skin, which researchers claim stimulates collagen production and cell turn over rate. The electric pulse also stimulates the production of a compound called ozone in the skin which is able to destroy bacteria. This removal of bacteria assists in the prevention of acne and blackheads, allowing for clearer skin.

There are several studies which have shown that high frequency electric pulse therapy is highly adept at improving the elasticity of the skin and speeding up collagen production. The resulting effect is a fuller and clearer complexion, with tighter and more supple skin. These studies also showed that the appearance of skin pores is also dramatically reduced within one to two uses. This is great news for acne and blackhead sufferers who struggle to find effective relief with conventional skincare methods.

Do Customers Find the DermaWand Effective?

One of the most common comments in DermaWand consumer reviews is how quickly the treatment tightens their pores, reducing the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads. Many users also comment that extended use of the DermaWand effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

There is a lot of variation between users in the speed of general effects from the device, as the impact it has on skin tone and elasticity highly depends on the individual’s skin type, age, genetics and skincare history. People with older skin or ultraviolet damaged skin may take longer to see noticeable the effects from the DermaWand, which is due to slower cell turn over in the skin. However, though it make take older users long to see results, the results they do get tend to be far more significant than those of younger users.

A few users have commented that in the first week of using the DermaWand their skin broke out in lumps, this is most likely due to the body reacting to the dead bacteria which the DermaWand has destroyed. However, almost everyone comments that the best results occur when you are persistent with the treatment. Most users with negative comments in their DermaWand reviews, gave their thoughts after only a week of using the product and therefore did not give the device a fair chance to reveal its full effects.

There are a select few individual felt no effect from the DermaWand after using the device for a month. This may happen for several reasons. If the device is not being used correctly or persistently enough, then its effects may not be satisfying, therefore we highly recommend that you if you choose to buy a DermaWand, you follow the instructions carefully. Also, though this is rare, some people’s genetic make up may prevent them from experiencing good results. This is not something that can be helped, however the DermaWand comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, therefore if you are not satisfied with the product’s results then you can easily get your money back.

Here are a couple of before and after photos from DermaWand reviews.

Derma Wand reviews


Click here to check prices for the DermaWand

DermaWand: Health and Safety

Though high frequency electric therapy has been used by dermatologists in specialist clinics for years now, it has only recently been made available to people at home in the form of a DermaWand. The handheld, at home version of this device has been made safer and cheaper for commercial products, with only a minimal cost to effectiveness of the treatment. However it is still important to consider that, as a product which emits electric pulses to the skin, safety precautions are of the up most importance.

Make sure that you look out for FDA approval in the description of any DermaWand product which you buy online. FDA approved devices are usually more rigorously tested and are far less likely to cause you harm. The FDA use a strict set of criteria when assessing if a product is of a high enough safety standard to be FDA approved. This allows you to use the product safe in the knowledge that it will not cause you harm. The official DermaWands under the DermaWand brand have been FDA approve as a class 1 medical device, so make sure you don’t go for a cheap knock off.

The DermaWand is not for everyone. There are certain conditions which may react badly with the DermaWand, therefore it is important that if you have any of the following conditions you do not use this product:

  • Heart condition
  • Pacemaker
  • Epilepsy or other nervous system conditions
  • Metallic fillers underneath the skin
  • Do not use on hair skin or open cuts and wounds
  • Do not use the DermaWand on either healed or healing scars

If you are unsure as it whether or not you fall into any of these categories, then talking to a doctor should be your first port of call.

DermaWand: Conclusion

Technology is moving quickly and having spa salon treatments at home has become a great option for many people who cannot afford or do not have time to get professional treatments on a regular basis.  If you have been struggling with acne, wrinkles, an uneven complexion or other skin conditions, then we think the DermaWand is definitely worth giving a go.

Many of the DermaWand reviews say that the device provides better and longer lasting treatment than any other skincare products that the users have tried and is generally an excellent quality product. Though the DermaWand is not certain to work for everyone, due to its 30 day money back guarantee, it is worth trying for anyone who has not yet found the right solution to their skincare needs. So in answer to our original question: does DermaWand work? For most people yes! Click below to check current prices for the DermaWand.

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Best At Home Blue Light Therapy for Acne Reviews – 2017

Best at home blue light therapy for acneAt home blue light therapy is a form of LED light therapy has quickly grown in popularity in recent years as the kind of technologies we would once need to see a specialist for have become compact enough to be easily used at home. Blue light treatment is an ideal solution for removing pimples, whiteheads and blackheads as it is highly non-invasive, causing no damage to the surrounding skin, is completely painless and effortless, and has no adverse side effects.

How Does Blue Light Therapy Work?

When concentrated blue light reaches the sebaceous glands in the skin, which are responsible for producing oil, it activates and excites porphyrins (a biological compound within acne causing bacteria). Once activated, the phototoxic effect on porphyrins kills the acne bacteria from within. Alongside blue light, red light is also useful for reducing the amount of inflammation and speeding up the healing process. Other frequencies of light may also inhibit the production of oils from the sebaceous glands, further reducing the chance of developing acne.

Though acne light therapy is scientifically proven to work, it is not fully understood how the spectra of light used in LED light therapy act upon the skin to reduce acne, however the clinical effects are undeniable. At home blue light therapy devices generally require sessions of around 10-15 minutes twice a day for maximum results. Protective safety glasses are recommended for using this device as the concentration of light may damage the retina. It is highly recommended to use blue light therapy in conjunction with other acne treatments, as targeting acne and blackheads from multiple angles gives you just best chance at success.

So here is our list of the best at home blue light therapy for Acne devices of 2015. Our led light therapy review products are selected on the basis on a number of factors such as effectiveness, value for money, safety and ease of use. We hope that you find the right led light treatment for you.

Sirius Nova Advanced Rejuvenation System

The Sirius Nova Advanced Rejuvenation System is a hand held light therapy device which incorporates LED light therapy technology for a durable, efficient and effective system which will last up to 10,000 hours. Sirius Aurora is unique in that it is the only handheld light therapy device with three interchangeable light therapy panels for treating a variety of conditions. The green panel is specialized for hyperpigmentation, the red for anti-aging/skin healing and the blue is for acne. This light therapy system is great for a multitude of skin ailments and was developed to be easy to use at home.


The Sirius Nova Advanced Rejuvenation System offers high flexibility in functionality with a number of useful features to personalize your treatment. The treatment panels can be set to either continuous or pulsating modes. The continuous mode is best for a quick intense treatment for fast acne removal. The pulsating mode is designed to prevent over heating of the skin which may cause discomfort.

This device also includes a timer with an automatic shutdown option. This will prevent you from accidently applying the treatment for too long and causing over heating of the skin and wasted time. This process of automation makes the device much easier and safer to use than many of its competitors.

The treatment panels have a large surface area which increases the speed of treatment and provides a more consistent coverage of the skin. The modular design across the three treatment panels allows you to personalize your treatment by providing light therapy coverage in different areas of your face with different skin conditions. For example, the blue light may be targeted at the T-zone where acne and blackheads are more prevalent and the red light around the eyes where wrinkles may appear.


The Sirius Nova Advanced Rejuvenation System is one of the more intuitive and effective light therapy products on the market today. Its design allows for personalized treatments and comfortable use. One small disadvantage of this product is that if it is overused it may cause a slight swelling of the face in some people due to the heat. Therefore it is important to read the instructions carefully before using any of these products.

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TANDA Clear Plus Professional Acne Clearing Solution Device

The TANDA Clear Plus Professional Acne Clearing Solution Device is one of the only light therapy devices designed specifically to target acne and blackheads. The TANDA brand is recognized the world over as one of the leading innovators in new beauty technologies. It is no surprise then that they were one of the first to make at home blue light therapy devices. With TANDA you are assured of a quality product which has been tested countless times by industry experts to ensure perfect functionality.


The TANDA Clear Plus Professional Acne Clearing Solution Device is the only light therapy device to incorporate sonic vibration and gentle warming in conjunction with bacteria destroying blue light. The sonic vibration and gentle warming features are designed to stimulate and increase the activity of compounds within the sebaceous gland. When this stimulation is with blue light, a greater number of acne bacteria are killed and your chances of acne and blackheads appearing are vastly reduced.

Due to its refined design, this model is great at activating only the precise spectra of light required for killing bacteria. This results in a product which causes no irritation, no redness and no dryness.

As well as treating blackheads and acne, this product also claims to be able to effectively treat fine lines and wrinkles within 2 weeks of treatment starting. It is great to know that while you are treating your acne you are also improving the appearance of your skin.

One disadvantage of this product is that the treatment panel is slightly smaller than other models, meaning that in order to cover a wider area a longer application may be needed.


The TANDA Clear Plus Professional Acne Clearing Solution Device has a multitude of excellent reviews on amazon, many of which comment that when they exhausted their options with over the counter acne medications this blue light therapy device was the cure they had been looking for and cleared up their acne quickly and thoroughly. If you are looking for a blue light therapy device dedicated to the removal of acne then this may be the product for you.

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NORLANYA Photon Therapy Facial Salon Skin Care Treatment Machine

The NORLANYA Photon Therapy Facial Salon Skin Care Treatment Machine is widely regarded as the best commercially available standing light therapy device. This product is in the mid-high end range of light therapy devices and this is reflected in its salon quality treatments. If you are looking for a professional quality product that will provide you with optimum results, or you are looking to buy for your beauty treatment business, then this is undoubtedly the product for you.

What separates it from the rest?

This light therapy device has no problem with coverage due to its full face center light panel and adjustable two wing light panels. The full face effect of this device allows it to provide features which hand held models are not capable of such as full face stimulation of collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles across the whole face. The design of this product also results in an increase in skin elasticity and will improve the face’s circulation for faster healing. This product showcases the best led light therapy benefits.

This system comes with three easily changeable light wavelength settings Red Light (630nm), Blue Light (470nm), and Yellow Light ( 590nm). This allows for personalized treatment plans which target a range of skin conditions over the whole face.

The system comes with 5 pre programmed settings. Blue light, red light, yellow light, program 1 and program 2. Program 1 is set up to provide the perfect treatment for daily care in both the spring and summer months. Program 2 should be used for the autumn and winter months, also in daily intervals. These preprogrammed settings are changeable on a light display at the base of the device, making this light therapy device intuitively simple to use.

This system is easily transportable through a folding mechanism that also allows for efficient storage when not in use. The only disadvantage of this product is that it requires you to be fully facing the machine, stopping you from being able multitask with another activity. However, putting in your headphones and drifting away while your acne bacteria are being destroyed may be a relaxing way to spend a few minutes of your time.


In terms of quality it doesn’t get much better than this. Although more expensive than some other blue light therapy devices, the NORLANYA Photon Therapy Facial Salon Skin Care Treatment Machine makes up for it through its ability to generate effective results faster than almost any other commercially available blue light therapy device. If you have a serious problem with acne and blackheads or are committed to clearing up your face, then this is the product for you.

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Best Facial Steamer for Blackheads of 2017

Steaming the face in order to open up the pores is one of the best ways to improve the effectiveness of your blackhead removal products. Opening up the pores allows for products such as pore strips and clay masks to penetrate inside the pores in order to deeply remove clogged up toxins and oils. Therefore, if you are tired of blackhead removal products which do not work, then steam is probably the solution to your problems.

In order to generate steam some people choose to boil a kettle of water, pour the hot water into a container and place their face over the container for 5 minutes. The issue with this, however, is that the steam is not refined, resulting in reduced absorbance by the skin. Also, this can be a time consuming and tedious method of steam production. Luckily however, a product exists which can make it all much more simple and efficient. Home facial steamers have become a must have item for people who regularly have to deal with blackheads so we thought it would be useful to make a best facial steamer for blackheads review.

Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer

In terms of value of money, the Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare is one of the best facial steamers on the market today, which is reflected in its popularity. This facial steamer generates a superfine hot steam within seconds of being activated. This nanoscale steam is designed to be easily absorbed by the skins pores to provide faster moisturization and pore expansion.


The smooth and sleek design of this home facial steamer renders it not only a useful home beauty product, but also an ornamental display item within your home personal beauty parlor. In terms of design the Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer is at the forefront of the facial steamer range.

Professional results at home

People who have bought knock-off or cheap facial steamers comment that their steamer is about as useful as boiling a pot of pasta and placing it over the face. This facial steamer however, allows for professional quality results at home. Think of the money you could save on facials by home steaming once a week and applying a vitamin C serum for skin rejuvenation effects. The results are just as going to the spa.


The Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer is probably the best value for money facial steamer out there and will provide you with high quality consistent results with little risk of breakage. This steamer is perfect for anyone who is new to facial steamers and wants to give it a try.

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Panasonic EH-SA32-P Pink | Nano-e NanoCare Facial Steamer

Outside of professional salon quality, the Panasonic EH-SA32-P Pink Facial Steamer is one the most advanced home facial steamers on the market today and when it was released, it was described as a revolution in home facial care. Akin to Secura’s model, this steamer creates a nanoscale mist of steam which penetrates the pores with ease. All you need to do is fill it with water and it will generate steam/humidify your room for around 10 minutes.

Why go for this model?

With the Panasonic brand you can trust that quality will be assured. Unlike some other brands of facial steamer, the Panasonic EH-SA32-P Pink Facial Steamer benefits from a coated ultrasonicator which evaporates water instantly for immediate results, certainly beats waiting around for the kettle to boil! This facial steamer has a very solid simplified design which is designed to last. If you are looking for a long term facial steamer, this is the model for you.

Some other models of facial steamer produce an odd odor while heating up the water due to a reaction with the chemical element. The coated ultrasonicator eliminates this problem and by using distilling water you will find your experience to be odorless and relaxing.


The Panasonic EH-SA32-P Pink Facial Steamer is one of the best mid-range home facial steamers available and has gained a reputation for high quality. This is reflected it its very high ratings on amazon. People who previously used cheaper models of facial steamer, but moved to this Panasonic model comment that the difference in quality is astounding and they wish you had bought it from the start.

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Panasonic EH-SA31VP nano Facial Steamer

The Panasonic EH-SA31VP nano Facial Steamer is an all new high-end professional facial steamer which hit the market in 2014. This facial steamer separates its self from the competition with high end salon quality technology that provides some of the best results money can buy, for a very reasonable price.

What separates it from the rest?

When you press the push button you will be immersed in a mist of vapor 4000 times more refined than ordinary steam. This spa quality treatment will mositurize, thoroughly cleanse your skin and is even powerful enough to loosen up make up before removal to prevent damage to the skin.

The refined nature of this facial steamer gives it the power to reduce the effects of aging. As we get older and the skin loses its elasticity, it is important to keep the face moisturized for the prevention of lines and wrinkles. By steaming the face before using a moisturizer or anti-aging cream you will open up your pores to receive more nourishment. Other facial steamers are not as adept at opening up the finer pores where wrinkle lines are more likely to develop.

Unlike other facial steamers, this steamer provides you with a range in functionality, offering different steam settings so that you can personalize your skin care routine.


If you use a multitude of facial skin care products and are looking to get the most out of them, then this professional facial steamer is undoubtedly for you. It’s stylish design and high quality functionality make it an irresistibly luxurious addition to your home beauty regime. This facial cleanser also makes for a great single room humidifier and even when not in use, it serves a purpose as a beautiful ornament. The Panasonic EH-SA31VP nano Facial Steamer is our pick as the best facial steamer on the market today.

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