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By | May 4, 2016

Acne FulminansWhat is acne fulminans? Acne can come in various forms, and it can prove to be very damaging to the confidence of a person. This is because acne usually first appears on the upper chest, the face and the back side of the body.

If left untreated, acne fulminans can leave permanent marks and scars on the body, making it very difficult to restore your original smooth complexion.

The primary cause of acne is when the sebaceous glands begin to produce excessive amounts of sebum, which end up in blocking the pores in the skin.

These pores have to remain open at all times to allow for efficient draining of toxins from underneath the skin. As they get blocked, bacteria begin to settle into these areas, resulting in inflammation, blackheads, and acne.

Acne Fulminans- What is it?

Acne Fulminans is a type of acne which usually occurs when, in layman’s terms, a common acne condition goes bad. It is a more severe, more aggressive version of the acne skin disorder, which is generally distinguished when rapid inflammation begins to develop on the skin, along with fever and ulcerated or open lesions of acne appearing rapidly around the body. If it is allowed to deteriorate, acne fulminans can also end up abnormally modifying the structure of bones in the body, or result in blisters or bone inflammation.

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This type of acne is generally prevalent in individuals who are already suffering from any kind of inflammation in their acne conditions.  Most people who have been treated for acne conglobata and have had ineffective results are likely to contract acne fulminans generally due to the residual effects of the treatment.

It results in massive damage to the skin as well as the creation of abscessed tissue that forms underneath the skin. People who might make use of testosterone supplements, primarily adults are likely to develop acne fulminans too.

What are the symptoms?

Numerous symptoms surface in people suffering from acne fulminans. Typically, ulcerations caused on the skin begin to become apparent on the face, upper chest and back. People might start to suffer from a constant underlying feeling that usually comes due to ill health.

The acne fulminans also results in a rapid increase in the white blood cell count, excessive loss weight and appetite. Also, suffers are likely to experience inflammation in the hips as well as the knees, while it may cause excessive irritability. Other common symptoms include:

  • Swelling in the region as well as in the joins
  • Atrophy of the muscles
  • Neck becomes inflexible
  • Physical abilities begin to decline

It can also make physical movements extremely painful. For instance, large sores, the size of dimes begin to appear on the upper side of the torso and will cause cohesion with every fabric they touch.

A person suffering from acne fulminans is likely to cause more trouble for him/herself if they keep trying different treatments without getting professional help. As mentioned above, acne fulminans is usually an extreme version of the standard acne disorder, which means that medical treatment is required.

How to treat acne fulminans

Treatment of acne fulminans requires professional care and may even result in hospitalization, so it should be clear that the condition is very serious. Due to the difficulties that arise in controlling the symptoms of acne fulminans, it is likely that the patient will be receiving numerous different medicines on a daily basis, such as various anti-inflammatory pills, dapsone and other medications such as aspirin, isotretinoin and steroids, etc. These drugs are designed to reduce inflammation and alter the hormonal balance, reducing the sufferer’s sensitivity to the common acne bacteria (P. acnes).

Before trying any sort of “in-house” treatment of acne fulminans, it is vitally important that you consult a doctor/ dermatologist. Different types of treatments invoke various reactions in different skin types, which makes it essential to be informed early on the right medication to take.

Some users report that using natural treatments in tandem with doctor-prescribed drugs gives them the best possible results against acne fulminans. Tea tree oil has provided effective as a natural antibacterial treatment to be used in combination with other more direct acne treatments.





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