Home Remedy for Acne: Lavender Oil

By | June 10, 2016

lavender fieldAs I’m sure you already know, acne is a troublesome thing that really affects your overall beauty. In the online markets, you can easily find hundreds of different creams and medicines that are designed to treat acne, yet for most people, acne still proves to be a very difficult thing to get rid of.

However, rather than trying allopathic medication, various natural acne remedies are available now that can greatly help a person. Natural acne treatments have the advantage that they generally have few side effects, in comparison to allopathic medication. Therefore, we recommend natural treatments for mild cases of blackheads and acne.

One of the most viable natural acne remedies, which is continuing to grow in popularity, is lavender oil. Lavender is a small, mauve flower that grows all over the world and is readily available. Various herbalists use the oil extracted from lavender for daily use, as lavender oil has many health benefits, as well as having anti-acne properties.

Lavender oil is formed primarily when the lavender flowers are processed. Around 500 flowers are needed to create just 24 ounces of the oil. Therefore, you can understand that even the slightest of drops of lavender oil is highly concentrated.

Applying lavender oil

Rather than applying lavender oil directly, it would be a wise idea to use it with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, etc. Lavender oil must be applied directly on your face where the acne is present, with the help of a Q tip. You can just dip the Q tip in the lavender oil and then apply it on your face on the acne. Since it has antiseptic as well as analgesic properties, lavender penetrates rapidly through the skin, unclogging the skin pores that are blocked. Moreover, it has rejuvenating properties, which help in repairing the skin.

To create a lavender oil preparation that is perfect for application, you must add around three drops of lavender oil to one tablespoon of whichever carrier oil you are using. If you are looking for the maximum possible effect, it would be a wise idea to use lavender oil by mixing it with tea tree oil, since both of them exhibit healing properties.

Apply this mixture on your face before you sleep every day for at least a month, and you will soon see the effects begin to show on your face. Unlike other substances, the effects of lavender oil application begin to show rapidly on a person’s face, ultimately providing you with a quick solution to fixing acne on your face.

If you are unable to create a mixture of lavender oil on your own, you can contact your local herbalist for it. Soaps that contain lavender oil extracts are also available in the market, although they are severely diluted since they contain some other elements too.

Which brand?

Different brands and formulations of lavender essential oil may have different concentrations and preparations of lavender oil. Therefore, we recommend that you try a few different brands to see what works best for you. In our experience, the Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil is consistently very effective.


Lavender oil is a great way to treat acne naturally for people who are suffering from acne problems. Lavender oil is a very common beautifying agent that is used excessively by companies as well. However, because this oil is extremely concentrated in its original form, lavender oil must usually be mixed with a carrier oil before it can be applied to a person’s face.

For the best possible results, it is recommended that you apply lavender oil by mixing it with tea tree oil since both of them have analgesic and antibacterial properties that greatly help your skin. Before you lie down to sleep, just dab the areas on your skin that are inflamed with the lavender oil mixture, and very soon you will begin to see a positive change. Lavender oil penetrates rapidly through the skin, which means that the effects will become clear very soon, rather than accumulate over a period of time.

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