Best Blackhead Extractor Tools

If you regularly experience blackhead or acne breakouts, then you may consider investing in a blackhead extractor tool. Blackhead extractor tools are one of the quickest ways that you can remove blockages in pores without significantly damaging your skin. Blackhead extractor tools are relatively cheap and make an excellent addition to your anti-blackhead regime.

Blackhead extractor tools are often used in professional facials, and they are much less damaging than squeezing blackheads out with tweezers. Many people cite blackhead extractors as being one of the most effective ways to quickly remove blackheads on the nose, especially when pore strips have not been effective. They require far less pressure than you would have to apply with tweezers or, god forbid, squeezing with your fingers. As well as functionality, blackhead extractors make removing blackheads more hygienic as they are sterile and can be easily cleaned after use.

The best blackhead extractor tools have a handle that is very similar to a surgical scalpel, but the ends contain small metal loops. This allows users to drag the tool across a blackhead and remove any sebum clogging pore with very minimal pressure. The result is an experience that is far less painful than squeezing out blackheads manually and far more effective as well.

With some warm water, alcohol and the blackhead extractor tool, you can quickly remove many blackheads, improving the appearance of your skin without risk of scarring or pain.How to use a blackhead extractor tool

The first step in the extraction process is to apply a very warm towel to your nose and your face. Anywhere blackheads typically form is a good place to cover with the towel, as this will open the clogged pores and make removal with the extractor tool easier. After the towel has rested on the skin for a few minutes and begins to absorb the moisture and heat, it is time to sterilize the blackhead extractor.

Using over-the-counter isopropyl alcohol, you can sterilize the blackhead extractor to reduce the chance of infection. If you don’t regularly sterilize your blackhead extractor, you may infect your pores with the removed sebum and bacteria from when you last used the extractor tool.

Be sure to clean your hands as well before starting the extraction process.

From here the process for extracting the blockages from your pores is as simple as running the Blackhead extractor loops along the surface of your skin. You will see the blockages pushing out of the skin, just as if you were to squeeze them with your fingertips or tweezers but with far less pressure. You can simply wipe away the excess clogging material with a cloth to finish the process.

Petunia skincare blackhead removal kit

The Petunia Skincare Blackhead Removal Kit features five different comedone extractor tools. Each one will work to remove different-sized blemishes, whiteheads, pimples, and blackheads. One of our favorite aspects of this kit is that the extractor tools are all made from surgical stainless steel. This means that once these are sterilized, they will not carry toxins or impurities that could result in future infection.

Another big advantage of this kit is the handles. The handles on each one of the five tools is specially textured so that you can have an anti-slip grip even if you happen to have wet hands. One of the biggest problems that people have with blackhead extractor tools is that they are difficult to handle. We consider this product to be one of the best blackhead extractor tool kits due to their precision handle grips.


A blackhead removal tool is a staple in the skincare toolkit of many people as well as a regular part of many professional facial services. Ultimately, the best blackhead extractor tools aren’t usually that expensive. Many people like to keep them handy in case of sudden breakouts, where other methods of blackhead removal are not fast enough. Regularly removing whiteheads from your pores is also a good way of preventing pimples, as whiteheads are the precursor to pimples.

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