Facial Cleansers

Finding the best facial cleanser for blackheads isn’t easy when there are so many different products available. The gentle use of a daily scrub or facial cleanser should be a part of everyone’s skincare routine. We believe that keeping the face clean and fresh is more important than any other technique for blackhead removal, as this prevents the pores from becoming congested with natural oils.

The best blackhead cleansers are gentle and natural as they will not strip the skin and cause irritation. With the sophistication of modern day facial cleansers, it is unnecessary to resort to more rigorous methods such as an old-fashioned splash and scrub.

As well as keeping the skin clear from dirt and oil, a facial cleanser allows moisturizers and anti-aging products to absorb more effectively, also preparing the face for the application of toner and makeup. Keeping a clean face allows us to apply a thinner layer of makeup and reveal our natural beauty. An uncleaned face may cause makeup to appear blotchy and uneven which is not a desirable look. Remember to keep it natural!

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    tips for facial cleansing

A two-step process

To give yourself the best face wash for blackheads, it is important to remove makeup first. Most gentle and natural cleansers cannot remove concealer and foundation completely so first you should use an emollient wipe or cleansing oil to remove any trace of makeup. Once the makeup is removed, apply some warm water and a small amount of facial cleanser to your fingers or a washcloth and apply to the face. If you are acne prone, it is good to rinse and dry off with a soft paper towel.

Don’t rub too hard

Gentle exfoliation once to twice a week is great for removing dead skin and keeping skin fresh. However, there is no need to be rubbing at your skin with facial cleanser every day. It is not good to strip your skin of all its natural oils as this can cause dryness and inflammation.

How often should I wash?

There are a lot of mixed opinions about how often we should be washing our face. Some say once a day, some say twice. But what is right for me? The answer to this question relies a lot on common sense. You should be cleansing your face when it becomes very oily, such as when you wake up in the morning or after a workout. If your face already feels clean there is probably no need to wash it again at night. Find what is right for you!

Facial Cleansing Brush

Many people love using facial cleansing brushes as they are great for exfoliation and give you a nice massage. We recommend the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System as it very soft on the skin.

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