Pore Strips for Blackheads

pore-stripsFor anyone with oily or combination skin type, blackhead removal strips can be a viable solution when all else fails. For severe cases of blackheads, no matter how much skin care products you use, blackheads and whiteheads always seem to sneak through. Therefore once a week, after exfoliating, it can be a good idea to use a pore strip for a really deep clean.

Pore strips are a more hands-on method of removing blackheads compared with our other recommended products and therefore require some care. When using pore strips, it is crucial to avoid acne blemishes, dry skin; sunburned skin, or skin prone to spider veins. Here at Blackhead Expert, we recommend the most gentle pore strips, as these tend to be the best blackhead strips for avoiding damage to the skin.

A question many people ask is, do pore strips really work? We find that cheap pore cleansing strips are usually ineffective at removing blackheads as the quality of the paper and adhesive used is too poor.

Pore strips are great as they are cheap, easy and not much can go wrong! Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully before using them to avoid any disappointing results (we’ve all been there).

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how to use pore stripsPore strips are great, but only if you know how to use them. Many people are very disappointed when they peel away the strip, only to find it is as bare as when they put it on. This short guide will prevent that from ever happening to you again.

A Good Routine

The first thing to do is to wash your face to clear the skin from oils and open up the pores. Just use a simple daily scrub/facial cleanser for this.

Next, place your face over a bowl of boiling water and let the steam soak into your face for around 3 minutes. To achieve the best results, you can use a facial steamer to open up more pores. This will open up your pores, allowing the pore strip to reach deeper into the skin.

Now it’s time to put on the pore strip! For this step, it is best to follow the instructions on the back of the pack as different pore strips come in different shapes and have their own unique application. Just remember to thoroughly wet the area that the pore strip touches, as this will activate it.

Once the pore strip is on your nose make sure to flatten out all creases and make sure that it covers the sides of your nostrils.

Now for the grand finale. Press down on your nose while removing the strip to reduce the pain. There is no need to go whipping it off, just peel off gently.

Sometimes the skin can be a little damaged after using a pore strip, so a good tip for aftercare is using an ice cube and massaging the face to reduce inflammation. Then apply toner and you are done!

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