DermaWand Reviews – Does the Derma Wand Work?

By | June 22, 2015

Many women dream of having tighter and clearer skin which is free of unsightly wrinkles and blemishes. Skincare product companies are aware of this and try to create skincare products and devices to fulfill this need. However, the question is, do these products really work using proven technology, or are they simply a money-spinning fad?

In this DermaWand review article, we will explore the device which many of us have seen in television adverts, or read about on the internet. This product claims to use high-frequency electrical pulses to stimulate the skin and encourage skin rejuvenation. High-frequency electric pulse therapy has been used in dermatological clinics for many years now, and the technology has been proven to work through a variety of studies. However, the question remains: does DermaWand work?

DermaWand: How does it work?

A high-frequency facial machine uses a glass electrode which has been vacuum sealed with neon gas to deliver high-frequency alternating current to the skin. A mixture of both thermal and electric energy is transferred, which researchers claim stimulates collagen production and cell turnover rate. The electric pulse also stimulates the production of a compound called ozone in the skin which can destroy bacteria. This removal of bacteria assists in the prevention of acne and blackheads, allowing for clearer skin.

There are several studies which have shown that high-frequency electric pulse therapy is highly adept at improving the elasticity of the skin and speeding up collagen production. The resulting effect is a fuller and clearer complexion, with tighter and more supple skin. These studies also showed that the appearance of skin pores is also dramatically reduced within one to two uses. This is great news for acne and blackhead sufferers who struggle to find effective relief with conventional skincare methods.

Do Customers Find the DermaWand Effective?

One of the most common comments in DermaWand consumer reviews is how quickly the treatment tightens their pores, reducing the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads. Many users also comment that extended use of the DermaWand effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

There is a lot of variation between users in the speed of general effects from the device as the impact it has on skin tone and elasticity highly depends on the individual’s skin type, age, genetics and skincare history. People with older skin or ultraviolet damaged skin may take longer to see noticeable the effects from the DermaWand, which is due to slower cell turn over in the skin. However, though it makes take older users long to see results, the results they do get tend to be far more significant than those of younger users.

A few users have commented that in the first week of using the DermaWand their skin broke out in lumps, this is most likely due to the body reacting to the dead bacteria which the DermaWand has destroyed. However, almost everyone comments that the best results occur when you are persistent with the treatment. Most users with negative comments in their DermaWand reviews gave their thoughts after only a week of using the product and therefore did not give the device a fair chance to reveal its full effects.

There are some individuals felt who no effect from the DermaWand after using the device for a month. This may happen for several reasons. If the device is not being used correctly or persistently enough, then its effects may not be satisfying. Therefore we highly recommend that you if you choose to buy a DermaWand, you follow the instructions carefully. Also, some people’s genetic makeup may prevent them from experiencing good results. This is not something that can be helped. However the DermaWand comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, therefore if you are not satisfied with the product’s results, then you can easily get your money back.

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DermaWand: Health and Safety

Though high-frequency electric therapy has been used by dermatologists in specialist clinics for years now, it has only recently been made available to people at home in the form of a DermaWand. The handheld, at home, version of this device has been made safer and cheaper for commercial purposes, with some minimal cost to the effectiveness of the treatment. However, it is still important to consider that, as a product which emits electric pulses to the skin, safety precautions are of the utmost importance.

Make sure that you look out for FDA approval in the description of any DermaWand product which you buy online. FDA approved devices are usually more rigorously tested and are far less likely to cause you harm. The FDA uses a strict set of criteria when assessing if a product is of a high enough safety standard to be FDA approved. This allows you to use the product safely in the knowledge that it will not cause you harm. The official DermaWands under the DermaWand brand have been FDA approved as a class 1 medical device, so make sure you don’t go for a cheap knockoff.

The DermaWand is not for everyone. There are certain conditions which may react badly with the DermaWand. Therefore it is important that if you have any of the following conditions you do not use this product:

  • Heart condition
  • Pacemaker
  • Epilepsy or other nervous system conditions
  • Metallic fillers underneath the skin
  • Do not use on hair skin or open cuts and wounds
  • Do not use the DermaWand on either healed or healing scars

Check the DermaWand website for full details on this list. If you are unsure as it whether or not the DermaWand is suitable for you, then talking to a doctor should be your first port of call.

DermaWand: Conclusion

Technology is moving quickly and having spa salon treatments at home has become a great option for many people who cannot afford or do not have time to get professional treatments on a regular basis.  If you have been struggling with acne, wrinkles, an uneven complexion or other skin conditions, then we think the DermaWand is could be worth giving a go.

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